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  • What are the products available in HDI Store ?
    HDI is a beekeeping product distributor. We sell natural products made from bee products, such as honey, propolis and pollen. You can get a more detailed information explanation of HDI products on the HDI website
  • Who can shop at HDI Store ?
    Only HDI Enterprisers with valid HDI ID can shop at HDI Store.
  • I want to buy HDI products, but I'm not an HDI Enterpriser. What do I have to do ?
    In order to be able to purchase HDI products in the HDI Store, you must first register as an HDI Enterpriser. Click the following link to register online. After successful registration, you will get an Enterpriser ID and password.
  • Why is the product price not listed on the product catalog page ?
    You must log in then you will be able to see the product price (Enterpriser Price). Please log in using the same Enterpriser ID and password as per your HDI One log in.
  • I don't know and I don't have the HDI One password.
    You can access HDI One at
    From the Enterpriser log in page, you can :
    1. Click the link "here to request a password", if you don't have an HDI One password yet.
    2. Click the link "here if you forget your password", if you forget your HDI One password.
  • I am an HDI Enterpriser, how do I shop at HDI Store ?
    You can refer and follow the steps available in How To.
  • Can we get BV/BP when purchase products at the HDI Store ?
    Yes, you will get BV/BP when purchase products at HDI Store.
  • Can we send the products to different addresses other than my address ?
    Yes, you can fill in the shipping address where the product will be sent.
  • Who will deliver the products to us ?
    You may select any available delivery service providers that will deliver the products to the shipping address you have provided.
  • What is the delivery lead time ?
    The delivery lead time of the product depends on the delivery location and the type of delivery service providers that you have chosen.
  • Can I purchase on behalf of my downline ?
    Yes, you can. Just include your downline’s ID on the product purchase page.
  • Can I purchase EASI Starter packages from the HDI Store ?
    Yes, you can.
  • Will the Business Points (BP) of my purchase from HDI Store be shown on HDI One ?
    Business Points (BP) from your purchases at HDI Store will be visible on HDI One after the daily data updating process in HDI One is completed. The daily updating is carried out at 3 time slots :
    1. Starting at 00.00 WIB until finished
    2. Starting at 12.00 WIB until finished
    3. Starting at 18.00 WIB until finished
  • Can I cancel my transaction ?
    Cancellation of transactions can only be done if the payment has not occurred. Paid transactions cannot be cancelled.
  • Can I edit my transaction ?
    If you have not paid the transaction, you can cancel it and transaction again. However, if you have paid it, you cannot edit and cancel it.
  • What is a service fee ?
    All transactions at the HDI Store will incur a service fee, where the service fee is a fee that arises from 3rd parties to provide various types of payments to make it easier for Enterprisers to transact at the HDI Store.