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  1. To purchase HDI products on this website, you must be registered as an active HDI Enterpriser.
  2. If you are not registered as an HDI Enterpriser, register online at the following link :
  3. Follow all the steps and complete all the required data on the registration form.
  4. If you have successfully registered, you will get an Enterpriser ID and Password that you can use to log in to this website.
  1. Log in and enter your Enterpriser ID (Eg: I0123456A).
  2. Enter your Password.
  3. Click the Log in button.
  1. Go to the Catalogue page.
  2. You can choose to display a list of products according to the category of each product.
  3. To view detailed product information, click the product image.
  4. To add the product to your shopping cart, click the Buy button.
  1. After you click the Buy button, a Shopping Cart will appear.
  2. Complete your Shopping Cart.
  3. Enter the delivery address.
  4. Choose an available delivery service provider.
  5. Enter the number of products you want to buy.
  6. If you want to purchase on behalf of your downline, enter your downline's Enterpriser ID in the column provided.
  1. To checkout, click the Shopping Cart icon at the top right of the page.
  2. Click View Cart button and you can view the details of your order.
  3. Click Select Recipient Address.
  4. Click Choose Delivery Service Provider.
  1. To make a payment, select one of the available payment method or channels on the checkout page.
  2. Make sure all your transaction data is correct.
  3. Click the Pay Now button.
  4. You will be immediately redirected to the payment page according to the payment channel you selected.
  5. Follow the instructions on How to Pay on the screen.
  1. You can view the status and details of your transaction on the Transaction List page under your profile.
  2. You can print your invoice by clicking the Print Invoice button.
  1. Cancellation of orders can only be made for transactions that have not been paid or are in 'Pending Payment' status.
  2. To cancel an order, go to the Transaction List page.
  3. Search your order's payment information on the unpaid payment list.
  4. Click the Cancel button to cancel your unpaid order.
  1. After receiving the delivery receipt number, you can monitor the delivery status of your product.
  2. Go to the Transaction List page under your Profile.
  3. Click the More button to view your order details.
  4. Click the Track Delivery button to see the status of your shipment.
  1. If you have received the product well, you can perform the final step in your ordering process and give us ratings or other comments.
  2. Go to the Transaction List page under your Profile.
  3. Click the More button to view your order details.
  4. Click the Items Received button to complete your order.